toolsBasic Woodturning with Nick Cook


Introduction to the lathe, turning tools, safety and sharpening of basic tools for spindle turning. Discussion of materials for spindle projects and preparation of stock for turning.

Demonstration: Basic spindle turning techniques using roughing gouge, spindle gouges, skew and parting tools.

Projects: Practice shaping beads and coves on spindles, honey dippers, twig post and simple Christmas tree ornaments.


Production projects: Gift items that sell.

Demonstration: Production projects including baby rattles, rolling pins, spinning tops and wine stoppers. Discussion of preparing stock with time saving jigs and fixtures to make work more efficient. Advanced project: Turned lidded box using scroll chucks and a turned Pentel pencil without a mandrel.

Projects: Baby rattles, spinning tops, garden dibbles and wine stoppers


Faceplate turning. Discussion of deep fluted bowl gouges and sharpening techniques along with wood selection grain orientation and chucking methods.

Demonstration: Simple bowl and plate using a variety of chucking methods.

Project: Bowls and plates. Advanced projects: Special rim treatments.

Slide presentation: Ideas and inspiration for bowls and vessels.


Working with "green wood". Chain saw safety, band saw safety, grain orientation and preparation of bowl blanks.

Demonstration: Simple and natural edge bowls from green wood. Techniques for finishing bottoms of bowls. Discussion of special problems of finishing green wood. Introduction to hollow vessels and special tools required.

Project: Green wood bowls and vessels. Continue with individual projects.


What to do with all that you make.

Demonstration: Anything special that the class would like to see or discuss. Discussion on photographing, displaying and pricing work to be sold. Critique and evaluation of projects, course description and instructor.

Project: Finish anything you have been working on through the week.

Special Note: Additional demonstrations and discussions may include: hollow forms, thimbles, goblets, Tagua nut vessels, ring stands, garden dibbles, tea lights and miniatures.

Please keep in mind that this is only an outline and that each student will be able to work at his or her own pace on projects that interest them. Every student will be given individual attention and will get all the help needed to learn their own techniques.

Feel free to bring work in progress you may have been experiencing problems with and we will help you work through them and offer suggestions on how to avoid problems in the future. You may wish to bring tools you have hot yet mastered, along with chucks and other accessories you need help with.